UFO Bumper Cars

Scrambler (aka Cha Cha)

Ferris Wheel Mini

Monkey Mania Inflatable Obstacle Course

Balloon Samba Ride

Inflatable Obstacle Challenge

Fibreglass Superslide 4 Lanes

Cups and Saucers Ride

9D Mobile Cinema Truck

Wild One Inflatable Obstacle

Gone Fishin’ Slide

Ocean Adventure Slide

Jaws Water Slide

Zap Zone [Lazer Tag]

Go Gator Ride

Mechanical Surfboard

Fun House Inflatable Maze

Fire Rescue Obstacle Course

Rock Climbing Wall

Old Western Track Train

Circus Fun Factory

Haunted House Maze

Pedestal Joust

Combat Challenge Obstacle Course

Blue Lagoon Inflatable with Slide

Ball Crawl with Slide

Bungee Fun Run

Aussie Express Train

Formula One Racing Cars

20 Seater Chair o Plane

8 Horse Carousel

Gorillagins Island

Mechanical Bull

Bungee Trampolines

Freestyle 180