This table offers everyone’s favorite games.  It is feature packed with over 1300 of your favorite original arcade games in the one unit.

Separate control panels include playing 2 player table games on opposite sides longways, and a huge dual control panel for two players side by side.

It’s like having two tables, one that plays your classic games like Galaga, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Space Invaders, Pacman, 1942, Rally X, Pheonix etc in their perfect enviroment with the screen size longways in perfect proportion, then all your modern games like Street Fighters, Metal Slugs, Bubble Bobble, Simpsons, Paperboy, TMNT, Double Dragon,Platform, Action and Sports games all play correctly on the other side of the table in Widescreen!

 Endless fun for every member of the family and all your friends!!!

Special Requirements Needs to be under cover and on flat surface.
Area Required 2m x 2m
Power Requirements 1 x 10 amp
Price $220 incl. GST for overnight hire within Melbourne metro.