Trying to decide how many Ponies?

Healthy, well rested ponies make safe happy ponies so in accordance with animal welfare regulations each pony has adequate resting times throughout events.

  • 2 ponies means we will run 2 ponies continually up to 1.5-2 hours. Then we will need to run just one for 30 mins to allow each pony a 15min break.
  • 3 ponies means we will run 2 ponies continually, using the 3rd pony for breaks
  • 4 ponies means we will run 3 ponies continually, using the 4th pony for a breaks
  • 5 ponies means we will run 4 ponies continually, using the 5th pony for breaks
  • 6 ponies means we will run 5 ponies continually, using the 6th pony for breaks

The ponies are suitable for ages 3 to 12 years and up to 60kg per person. Bigger ponies are available on request and can accommodate riders up to 75 kg. Having multiple ponies at an event allows for a variation of different size ponies caters for every little rider.

Helmets for children of all sizes, hair nets and helmet covers are included in the hir